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Mostly Cloudy With Some Bright Spells

‘I inadvertently introduced Victoria and David Beckham, accidentally spent the night with Ant and Dec, stupidly turned down a date with a top Premiership footballer, chatted to singing sensation Barry White about fish fingers and had a cup of tea with Darth Vader. I've made an exhaust for Damon Hill's F1 car, fallen in love in Las Vegas and travelled around America with a complete stranger. I married a Frenchman I barely knew and I've had my guts yanked out and my heart sewn up. Beat that!’

In 1999 Juliette Wills had a bright future as a journalist. One minute she’d be covering a Grand Prix race, the next interviewing celebrities. Just a year later

she was suddenly struck down by two crippling, incurable illnesses - ankylosing spondylitis and ulcerative colitis. After traumatic, life-saving surgery and in so much pain she could barely walk, Juliette lost everything - her career, her relationship,

and finally, her independence.

Over the next decade, with the help of a new drug treatment, Juliette slowly began

to rebuild her life. Despite being in pain every day she is as determined as ever to

live as full a life as possible, and has turned her unique experiences and adventures into an inspiring, brutally honest and surprisingly hilarious story which you won’t want to put down.

'A well-written, incredibly sad, sometimes funny account of a subject that isn't

often talked about' - Natasha Harding: Book of the Week, The Sun

'Only a person as brave and talented as Juliette could share such an emotionally

and physically painful journey with such deft ironing subtlety. I was left stunned

and saddened at her experience, but inspired by her spirit as I was when I met her'

- Damon Hill, OBE

Available from Amazon worldwide

in paperback and for Kindle.

If you'd like a signed copy, please email me through my 'contact' page

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